2 Ways

This Face Cover Instantly Completes Your MOD

2 Ways This Face Cover Instantly Completes Your MOD

Bluetooth Connection & Lungs Protection

Urban Rider's Revolutionary Face Cover

The Amazing 2-In-1 Face Cover For Urban Riders

Ride Connected & Protected Now!





Amazing Communication feature incorporated

Bluetooth Connection

Upgrade Your Riding Experience

✅ Bluetooth Wireless communication feature 

✅ No extra expensive helmet communication gear required 

✅ Keeping your hands where they should. Steering during your ride

...smoking a cigarette isn’t exactly the same as smoking a car exhaust pipe or else involuntarily. Both can kill but at least you can choose!


Your lungs protected in any urban scenario

Riding The Busy Streets

Protect Your Lungs From The Invisible

✅ Urban Rider protection from Air Pollution

✅ Breath-In Protective Air Filter

✅ Breath Out Comfort Exhaust Valve

✅ Provides you a Natural, Clean, and Fresh air on every breath

5 Effective Protection Layers

Filtering out Diesel and other Toxic Particles common in Urban Scenarios. Gases, Odors, Pollens, Bacteria, among others composing the Air that we Breath up to 99%

  1. 1
    Water Repellant Layer 
  2. 2
    Non-woven Layer
  3. 3
    Cotton Reinforced Layer
  4. 4
    Electrostatic Filter Cotton Layer
  5. 5
    Activated Carbon Filter Layer
  6. 6
    Baby Grade Silicone Seal

Air Pollution alone handles up to 7 million deaths Worldwide every single year. Why risk it?


Versatility enhancing your everyday outfit 

Riding In Style 

Versatility Making You Unique

✅ Based on "Less is More"

✅ Minimalist Design

✅  Versatility with changeable components coloring your ride blending into your everyday outfit

Why Not Using a Simple Face Cover?

The "traditional" face cover can protect you from cold and road debris but what about the rest. Invisible hazardous gases and particles in the air composing our urban scenario. The air that we breathe into our lungs!

SQUAIRMask offers an effective Air Filter with an Air Exhaust for comfort on every breath. 


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